Corneliussen Pigeons


In 2013, Lars teamed up with two fellow pigeon fanciers from Norway, Svein Veland (center) and Raymond Kalleklev (right), in a OneLoftRace-partnership, and also a breeding colaboration. Svein is crazy about the marathondiscipline, and Raymond is a killer when it comes to making fast pigeons. A great team to be a part of!

Visiting the loft of Waaler-Helgesen in 2012. Mathias and Matilde obtaining three white sprinters from Erik Waaler, under his Roland Jansen-based sprinters. All three performed really well on this years young birds race. Looking forward to see them in action in 2013.

Visiting Herlof Herlofsen in 2012. Arvid Myreng (left), Herlof Herlofsen (center) and Lars Corneliussen (right). In 2009 Lars obtained two birds from Herlofsen. "2040" and "2039" were both descending from his famous Luleå-performer of Vanbruane-lines. "2039" is mother to top performers "Jayce" and "Mona Lisa". In 2012 Lars got two more Vanbruane birds from the Herlofsen-loft, discovering that we were not the only ones with fascination for these birds... Arvid Myreng also showed up, with money in his pocket.

Visit at Gyselbrecht-Madeira Loft 2009. Gyselbrecht - an international name for top performance in the long distance races. Here Peter Gyselbrecht and Lars Corneliussen holding the parents of "Contador" winner of 9th national Perpignan 2009.


Visit at Hans Pettersson Loft 2008 - Lars Corneliussen checks out wing of father "Lilla Gubben". Hans Petterson performing top in Sweden with his Klak/Jansen-strain.


Visit at Poul Erik Meulengracht. Top performer in danish pigeonracing. His tough Vermote and Dewerdt-strain performs when the going gets tough. Lars collects 1499 and 1500. "1499" is mother to top performer "Patricia".


Patrick Philippens visits Oslo in 2007. The Corneliussen Lofts obtained two birds from Philippens: "Grandson Tramontane" and "Daughter Brother Ben". "Grandson Tramontane" is father to top performer "Patricia".

In 2007, Lars visiting the loft of Gyselbrecht-Madeira in Ruiselede, Belgium. Dr. André Gyselbrecht with "King Junior" and Peter Gyselbrecht with "Sampras Laureaat".

Oostende, Belgium 2007. Receiving prices on behalf of the Norwegian Racing Pigeon Federation on the Pigeon Olympiad. Per Kristian Hansen, Lars Corneliussen and Tom Corneliussen.

Lars Corneliussen with his old time favourite, Norge-1989-00326 "Sjatrik", who won the classic 700 kilometer from Umeå. Lars, being a junior fancier at that time, only basketed one pigeon for this race. "Sjatrik" also raced well on other distances, making it to the top on several occasions.