Corneliussen Pigeons

Here you can find out about the newest happenings in our loft, and various news about things concerning Corneliussen Pigeons.




28. january 2013:


The wing of "Edna". She won the national show, Category Sport in january 2013 in Kristiansand.


When placed in the hand of Raymond Kalleklev, top fancier from Berge, he expressed his fascination for this bird: "this is it!" was his few words.





29th of January 2013


The Corneliussen Lofts take part in the Team KiVeCo. A team, or syndicate, taking part in various One Loft Races. The team is consisting of Walter Kilvik, Svein Veland and T & L Corneliussen. Our goal is just to be a part of this popular form of competitions, who we consider means a lot for the growth of pigeonsport. The team consider that it is important to take part of such events to build up the social bonds between pigeonfanciers in and outside the country. If we can manage to put in some good results as well, it would be nice.


New breeding pigeon from 2015. This hen is a direct Marc Polin