Corneliussen Pigeons

Here you can find pictures of some of the pigeons that will appear in our pedigrees



Gyselbrecht - Madeira


We are housing a son of this machine of a bird in our own breeding loft. This cock gave a lot of prestations on the long distance for Gyselbrecht - Madeira, before being placed at theire breeding lofts. A.o. 25th national Perpignan.







"Bonte Florizoone"

Roger Florizoone


Also in our loft is a son from this top breeding hen at the breeding lofts at Gyselbrecht - Madeira. This is a daughter from 1st national Barcelona 1999.




Gyselbrecht - Madeira


We have a daughter from a fullbrother to David at our loft. This is the lines that are performing at the longer middle distances for Gyselbrecht - Madeira, based on pigeons from Van Hove - Uytterhoeven.

"Brother Ben"

Pierre&Patrick Philippens


One of the best middledistance birds in the loft of P & P Philippens, called "Brother Ben". This extraordinary cock was paired to the old strain of Philippens, and out came a beautiful blue hen with white feathers. This hen (daughter of "Brother Ben" is now in our breeding loft after an agreement with friend in sport, Colin Allman. She is now paired with "Grandson Tramontane". Here you can see a picture of "Ben".


Pierre&Patrick Philippens


A beutiful chequered grandson of "Tramontane" directly from P & P Phlippens is one of the most important breeding cocks in our loft today. Tramontane was the best pigeon in Belgium in 1998 and 1999 on all distances over 500 kilometers.